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The entire 2nd grade skyped with Mark Wood Explorer last week. Mark Wood is an adventurous explorer who has climbed Mt. Everest, trekked across the North and South Poles, and loves sharing it with the rest of the world. In February 2014, he will be doing a solo expedition to the North Pole. We were lucky to be chosen by Skype in the Classroom to be his read-aloud guests! He read the chapter, “Expotition to the North Pole”, from Winne the Pooh by A.A. Milne. In this chapter, Christopher Robin takes all of his friends on an “expedition” to find the North Pole. The only problem is that Christopher does not know what the North Pole looks like and pulls Rabbit aside to see if he knows. Unfortunately, Rabbit doesn’t know either. This is Mark Wood’s favorite part of the story and the students really enjoyed all of the voices he made during his read aloud.

After reading, Mr. Wood answered some questions from a few students. He added a bit of fun by doing “virtual” high fives!

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Simone:  How did you become an explorer?

Answer: Mark Wood worked as a firefighter but loved going mountain climbing, so he decided to do it full time to help educate people about parts of the world we know little about.

Khalycia: What do you eat on your trips?

Answer: Most of the food is dry and when hot water is added to it, it becomes good, hot, yummy food like soups and stews. The food acts like fuel to his body, so it must be very high in fat and protein to help give him energy. He also likes to eat lots of chocolate on his trips!

Luka:  Have you ever had frostbite?

Answer: Mark Wood has never had frostbite. He wears warm, protective gear to prevent his skin from freezing in temperatures colder than our freezers at home.

Mrs. Morgan: Have you ever been scared or in danger?

Answer: One time they were chased by a lot of polar bears. It was scary.

Karizma:  Does Santa Clause live in the North Pole:

Answer: Absolutely!  Mr. Wood met Santa during a trip to the South Pole. He said there was a knock on his tent, and when he opened it, he was suprised to see Santa.

A BIG surprise…

The session ended with a BIG surprise! When Mr. Wood goes on his expeditiion in February 2014, he will take a flag from our school and we will get picture of it at the North Pole. We are very excited about this and can’t wait to get started on making a super-cool flag!

Thank you Mark Wood and Skype in the Classroom for a memorable day and inspiring all of us to follow our passion!

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Student blog posts about our session: http://kidblog.org/MrsMorgansSuperstars-2/

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  1. Hi Superstars!
    I bet it was a FANTASTIC chat. And I feel a bit envious.
    Thanks a lot for telling us about it.
    I wonder, who else you would like to meet via Skype?

    Happy skyping! 🙂
    Ms Chernaya, a teacher from Russia

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