Melting Snowmen

Mrs. Glass came and helped us make really cute melting snowmen. This art project goes with our current #2ndchat read aloud: Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner

Mrs. Glass gave us step by step instructions  on how to put our snowpeople together. Each student chose the color scarf and type of hat so that each snowperson looked different.

We also added this poem to our project:

I made a little snowman, as perfect as can be 
I thought I’d keep him in my room and keep 
him warm like me.

But, when I woke next morning my mind was in a muddle. 
He’s run away, I don’t know why and left me with a puddle.

Adapted by Rita Wilson 
copyrighted to

After the project was complete, the students spent time brainstorming ideas for their own story. They are using their imaginations to create a story about snowmen playing in their rooms while they sleep . I cannot wait to see what the students come up with!